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    We always strive for the best.


    Shnayder Jewelry and Pawn Shop is owned by Alex Mitnik and Joseph Shnayder

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    Alex Mitnik is an experienced and professional pawnbroker, diamond appraiser and gemologist, Alex grew up in the business dealing with customers who could be unruly and violent as often as they were friendly. He became good at selling just about anything and at buying items for what they were worth. Alex learned invaluable business lessons he couldn't have learned anywhere else. No business school in the world could have taught him everything he learned in pawn industry: buying, selling, negotiating, dealing with customers, advertising, tracking trends in technology and fashion.

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    Joseph Shnayder is an experienced appraiser, famous and unique artist, craftsman and jewelry custom designer and a knife maker. Since 1989 Joseph had worked as an independent jeweler, performing work for various companies servicing Boston, MA and Nashua, NH areas.
    Joseph has recently started producing fine art knives to follow his life long interest. Click here to see Joseph's knife work.